I work with your sister Diane and used to work with Jackie. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.
I have shared your awful story with my kids and told them to never, ever be afraid to call me or any other adult to help when someone drinks too much. I’ve explained that there is no going back and you have to call 911 if you believe someone could die. I was not sure it was something they “got”.

I have 3 teenagers. My oldest is a freshman at Western Michigan University – has been there 6 days. She just called me at work to tell me about her day and last night…

She and her room mate made a couple new friends and went to a dorm party. There was drinking and one of the girls drank way, way too much. They had to carry the girl to her room. She was vomiting and her eyes were rolling. Grace REMEMBERED your Erica… she ran for the RA and called 911. The girl has diabetes and had not shared that . The diabetes with the drinking could have been fatal. They saved her life! Grace and her roommate stood outside the dorm room and protected their new friend by shooing away the curious … told them it was the new friend’s story to tell tomorrow. I’m so glad there is a tomorrow. You have saved 3 lives. My Grace, her room mate Megan and also the child who was so sick. There is no way to recover from your loss. But you are making an impact.

I sincerely appreciate the work you are doing and think you are so very brave.
Best to you and your family.

Jen D