Gracie Pillow

I currently work two jobs to be able to afford school. The Erica Gwen Foundation gave me the opportunity to afford school. This opportunity showed me kindness and that is something I cannot repay. I could never repay this because it’s not about not having the money, it is about the right time and opportunities. I have grown so much from the Erica Gwen Foundation. I took this kindness as my responsibility to give back. I have been volunteering as much as possible and it really has shown me how much I can give through actions. Through my experiences volunteering and being a resident assistant, I have focused heavily on how to get others involved in volunteering and showing people that kindness is easy. My residents always know I am there for them and I intend to continue to exemplify these amazing qualities that The Erica Gwen Foundation blessed me with. This scholarship pushed me to realize my purpose and gave me the opportunity to continue my education. I haven’t graduated yet but when I do I want The Erica Gwen Foundation to know that I couldn’t have done it without you all.