The Erica Gwen Foundation is pleased to announce Grace Yoo as the recipient of the Erica Gwen Scholarship at Miami University
Learn more about Grace through her story:

What a blessing it has been to have received the Erica Gwen Buschick Scholarship back in June of 2019. The ways in which the Erica Gwen Foundation has helped me and my family cannot be put into words simply. Still, to this day, I am in complete awe of the generosity and heart of the Buschick family and foundation. When receiving the scholarship I remember that I was in disbelief that a stranger, multiple strangers, could put so much faith into me as a young and aspiring woman. And I remember reading the foundation’s story knowing that this was much more than a scholarship. This is a time of change and action for a cause that is much bigger than us all. This is an opportunity for me to make a difference in remembrance of Erica.

I have always known that I have a purpose in this world to help others in need. To speak up for those without a voice. To walk in the face of injustice and say enough is enough. I still do not know exactly where my future will take me, but I can promise you this, in my lifetime I will change the world for the better. Without the scholarship, you have given me I would not be well equipped to tackle my education and gain the knowledge necessary for my future.

But beyond my education, the Erica Gwen Buschick Scholarship has opened my eyes to an opportunity for change across all Universities. An opportunity to spread awareness for the safety and well being of all people and to encourage one another to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Erica’s story is one that must be heard and heard loudly. Life is too short to ponder with complacency with the world. Life is too short to wait for change, change must start with me, it must start with us. And it must start now. All throughout my life I have lost people close to me due to completely preventable circumstances. And their stories live on. Erica’s story will live on. I promise to make a difference today, tomorrow, and for all future years to come in Erica’s remembrance. I promise to always, no matter what, encourage, inspire, and empower the people around me to help a friend in need. I feel that it is my responsibility to carry on Erica’s story and spirit throughout my life wherever I go, wherever my future takes me, and under any circumstance.